Why Should I
Invest In
Solar Energy?

Residents of  South Florida have a distinct advantage when it comes to potentially investing in solar for their homes. Taking this fact into consideration, SoFlo residents maximize their investment in solar by enjoying significantly reduced (often times eliminated) energy and utility costs for their homes. This makes solar a smart long-term investment for most residents in Southern Florida.

​Having your property powered by solar also reduces your carbon footprint and is environmentally friendly.

​Investing in solar can be challenging and can sometimes seem daunting, but we see our customers through a new lens of empathy and compassion during every step of the process.


Solar panels produce renewable clean energy while securing low utility rates

Solar Sales & Installation

Our dedicated team will make sure that you are choosing the best solar system for your home.

Service & Repair

We offer services including installation, service, and more.

Customer service

We provide exceptional customer service

We Check All The Boxes For Our Customers.

Installation by true professionals, with decades of roofing and solar experience, 

We arrive on time for appointments.”

“We Promptly return all calls our clients are out top priority “